Hypnotherapy in London

Hypnotherapy - London

Hypnotherapy is now being recognised more and more as a brief form of therapy that can help with many conditions and life issues. Living in or near a city, many residents and commuters turn for help to hypnotherapists in London. Leading busy lives Londoners don’t want to spend months or years in therapy.

Hypnotherapists in London usually aim to resolve an issue in anything from 1 to 10 hypnosis sessions. Even 10 sessions is considered to be brief therapy compared to sessions of counselling or psychotherapy.

hypnotherapists in londonDepending on the issue will usually govern the number of sessions needed with your hypnotherapist. To stop smoking usually takes one 90 minute session of hypnosis. A phobia may take between 2 and 4 sessions of hypnotherapy. Other issues such as past traumatic experiences may take around 4 to 6 sessions.

As a Hypnotherapist in London Steven Harold appreciate the type of life challenges that living in a big city can bring. Some people have developed phobias of trains, planes or buses. Others will have stress management issues because of a pressurised work environment and working long hours. The capital has its fair share of entrepreneurs and self-employment which can bring other stress and anxiety demands.


Hypnotherapy in London & EFT, NLP, EMDR

Steven Harold, Hypnotherapist also utilise other brief forms of therapy that dove-tail vey well within a hypnotherapy session. These are EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is a rapid process for dissolving emotional blocks to happy living and releasing fears, phobias and anxieties. EMDR – eye Movement Desensitization and Processing is particularly effective at eliminating the emotional hurts from past traumatic experiences such as PTSD. NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is a blend of psychological intervention methods that enable us to release past negative experiences and utilise our positive resources to change our futures.


Hypnotherapists in London – Free Consultation

Hypnotherapists in London usually offer a free hypnosis consultation. The idea of this free consultation is to enable anyone to find out more about their hypnotherapist, in this case Steve Harold, hypnotherapy and any of the other therapies available. The free hypnosis consultation gives the opportunity to discuss the issue that is causing a problem and to make sure that both hypnotherapist and patient feel comfortable working together.

Steve Harold, your experienced hypnotherapist in London gets asked to help with many issues and some of the most popular are: stop smoking, stress, anxiety, worry, fears, phobias, relationships, sexuality, procrastination, goal achievement, memory, focus, concentration, public speaking, low confidence, low self esteem, IBS, addictions to pornography, dating websites, the internet, facebook, second life, email checking, alcohol and drugs, and more.

You can email him at steve@hypno-therapist.com or telephone him on 020 8539 9830

If you are not sure if your issue can be helped with hypnosis just contact the hypnotherapist who will be happy to advise you. The above list of issues are just typical examples of why people seek out Hypnotherapists in London.

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