Pornography Addiction

Any form of addiction is considered to be thoughts or behaviours that are compulsive and obsessive. It often starts as a thought or feeling that won’t go away no matter how hard we try. Addictions can be physical such as in the use of alcohol, or others substances such as glue and drugs. There is always a psychological element to addictions which derive from thoughts that are persistant and all encompassing. These thoughts can stay until the action associated with the psychological addiction has been completed.

An Addiction may have been a Solution

Addictions arise accidentally mostly. No one deliberately opts to be addicted to anything. Usually what ever form the addiction takes, psychological or physical, the addictive action or substance may have been a solution to some other problem or life challenge.

For example, the internet may have helped someone by providing a form of “escape” from the real world. Online a person can be anyone they want and may use the internet to enter some fantasy world. A fantasy world provides relief from the responsibilities of the real world. Although the original need to escape for a while has long since ended, the habit of accessing the internet for the fantasy world had not become a compulsion. Here is an example of when a solution to another problem now becomes a problem itself.

Internet Pornography Addiction

The same can be said of an internet pornography or computer addiction. In the past a pornography addiction may have involved magazines, videos and DVDs. Today, a porn addiction is more likely to involve the internet. So you might also consider that the internet has become an addiction too. The original issue with a porn addiction might have been loneliness, the break-up of a relationship, the inability to have a relationship at that time or other sense of need.

Internet pornograpy may have provided a solution for sexual needs that weren’t being fulfilled. However now despite the fact that the person may be in a relationship, the desire or urge is still there to use pornography as a form of escape and sexual relief.

Pornography & Shame & Guilt

A pornograpy addiction, whether via the internet or other means, and as with any addiction, can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, self-loathing, low self esteem and confidence. Using the internet to access porn can lead to much time being wasted and also can get in the way of living. Jobs and tasks that need to be completed are left undone as the addicted perosn wastes more time satisfying the need for pornography.

Once that need is satisfied a feeling of guilt sets in and a promise is made to never do this again but the promise is soon broken.

Hypnotherapy for Internet & Pornography Addiction

Hypnotherapy is a psychological intervention method that can help alleviate the root cause of the compulsive behaviour that is the internet addiction. Hypnosis helps restore a healthier sense of self and brings with it a great feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Hypnotherapy in London has helped many people to take charge of their internet addiction. Both men and women can suffer from this form of addiction although it is more prevalent in men. The same is true regardless of sexuality too as gay men and lesbian women may used pornography during some part of their adult life as a solution.

Pornograpy Addiction & Sexuality

Whether you are heterosexual, gay or lesbian, a porn addiction does not provide for a happy relationship with your partner, husband or wife. The sooner you resolve it, the sooner you will feel better about yourself and no longer have to keep secrets from your loved one.

You life can be whole lot better without an internet addiction and you can feel better about yourself. You can regain a sense of purpose and direction in your life.

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